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Neutral Communications Network

Linking Reservations/Dispatch Systems and Their Customers.

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GRIDD Solutions

About Us

GRiDD Technologies, CA Inc. is a SaaS company based in Los Angeles, California.

GRiDD has developed an open communications platform for the ground transportation/livery industry. This platform positions ground transportation operators to compete in an on-demand environment by providing visibility and availability of vehicles across disparate dispatch technologies.

The platform enables fleet sharing, and real-time information sharing among fleet operators. The company is positioned to be the single source of connectivity for all travel channels that require ground transportation services. Five major US software companies - providing technology to the majority of US fleets - are connected and the platform is gaining global traction with its OPEN network policy.

Increase your visibility
Know where your passengers are whether they are in your local service market or across the world
Seamless Connectivity
Automatically route ride requests from your dispatch system to your affiliates’ with guidelines you set. You have complete control over whether you should re-route during high demand periods or out of town requests.
Neutral Integration
The GRiDD Solutions provides a completely neutral integration by open API. GRiDD works with most major dispatch systems.
Competitive on-demand functionality
Real time requests are processed within seconds with your smartphone or web-based dispatch.
Fully Customizable Connections
Your company chooses where, when and how to distribute to your affiliates.
Be at the right place at the right time
GRiDD integration helps you put your vehicles where the customers will be, when they want you to be there.
Optimize Affiliate Partner Management
Detailed and secure recording of all steps in the referral process.
Keep Existing Relationships
No need to change any of your reservations/dispatch systems or relationships. Nothing changes, it only gets better and easier.


GRiDD's support structure is designed to provide all necessary knowledge
to our users to have the best experience using our products.

Live Tech Support
GRiDD provides live support in order
to assist with questions and facilitate
task completion.
On-line Help
A “Help” option is always available
within our products and helpful content
will pop-up when clicked on by User.
Integration Specialists
Experience garnered from decades of working with Fortune 500 integrations.


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For more information and to request the GRiDD Technologies API documentation, please provide us with your contact information.

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Studio City, CA

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